art is calling04_Masumi Inoue "Dance ⇄ Notation"
Date:4/26(Mon)~5/9(Sun) ※Open all day

Weekdays 9:00-22:00 / Weekends 9:00-21:00 / Last day 5/9(Sun) until 18:00 *Subject to change according to the emergency declaration

Venue: BUKATSUDO GALLERY (B1F Landmark Plaza, 2-2-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama)

Admission: Free

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5/1(sat) 13:00-13:30

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Access : 3 min walk from Minato Mirai Station on Minato Mirai Line

    5 min walk from Sakuragicho Station on the JR City Subway Line 


Access details: https://bukatsu-do.jp/access.html

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"Punced Card Dance III" has been released online at Tokyo Geidai Art Fes 2021.



The short film "Ieji (The way home)", in which I performed, will be shown at the New Talent section of the Swiss Film Festival. It will be available to watch online on 24 January at 12 noon local time.

Solothurn Film Festival

2019.10  Exhibition

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ホリゾントとタブローの実践考古学 旧中西夏之アトリエ篇 
Horizont and tableaux of the practical archeology at Natsuyuki Nakanishi former atelier

This is an excavation to convert a place which is distant from present-progressive both in terms of time and its physical distance.
Jissen Kokogaku (Practical Archeology) consists of four artists and a curator. They respond from each of their viewpoints inspired by the former creation site of artist Natsuyuki Nakanishi (1935-2016). The artists are working to create a new path by repeatedly connecting or analyzing the past and present with clues found in the atelier space, what remains, and the environment surrounding the site.
In October progressive practice will be published on our website, and in November some verifications will be made through workshops, exhibitions and discussions.
I hope these hands-on experience, discussions and encounters will make you feel the world that we explore.

Masumi Inoue + Moeko Ishiguro
Sanghae Kwon
Sayoko Suwabe,
Yukie Hori

Date: 11.3 / 11.11 / 11.16 / 11.23
Opening hours: 11: 00-17: 00 (Admission until 16:30)
Venue: Former Nakanishi Natsuyuki Atelier


WORKSHOP: “The surface of reality and imagination”

11.2 SAT 11:00-16:00

A exploratory hiking around Saruhashi and colaborative experiments in the studio with the participants. The registrations made during the workshop will be part of the exhibition.

With Sayoko Suwabe, Yukie Hori, Sanghae Kwon, Masumi Inoue + Moeko Ishiguro.
Venue: Around Former Nakanishi Natsuyuki Atelier
Capacity: 20 persons (prior registration until 10/26)
Free Fee

reservation at:
→ https://forms.gle/5aPbMdjAQTFNCC1JA

Atelier Talk

11.03 SUN 14:00-15:30

Talk and discussion with the art critic Satoshi Masuyama (guest) and the Jissen Kokogaku members.

Venue: Former Natsuyuki Nakanishi Atelier
Capacity: 20 persons (reservation required until 10/27)


reservation at:
→ https://forms.gle/5aPbMdjAQTFNCC1JA